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10 Things To Do In Boston Seaport District

10 Things to do in Boston Seaport District

What is there to do in the Seaport District? With a number of world-class museums, concert venues, convention centers, restaurants and after-hours clubs, this Boston neighborhood is chock full of places to see and things to do. Here is a quick sampling of the fun to be had for families, couples, and everyone who loves a great time on the town:

  1. Visit the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum
  2. Spend the day at the Institute of Contemporary Art
  3. Take a Cruise!
  4. Visit the World Trade Center Boston
  5. Enjoy Delicious Cuisine
  6. Visit the Harpoon Brewery
  7. Spend the day at the Boston Children's Museum
  8. Attend a concert at the Blue Hills Pavilion
  9. Enjoy Seaport District Nightlife
  10. Visit the Boston Convention Center