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Attend a Concert at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

10 Things to do in Boston Seaport District

8. Attend a Concert at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

From Radiohead to Diana Ross to Gorillaz, some of the best known performers and artists of the 21st century have performed at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, which is located right next to the harbor in the Seaport District just off Northern Avenue. With a series of canopies strung over a half-shell backing, the venue is both distinctive and eye-catching. Many evening performances make use of the canvas to project inventive light shows and other unforgettable visual effects. A special VIP tent, with a seating capacity of 500, makes the experience extra special for those who purchase a premium ticket.

With a 5,200 seat capacity, the exceptional acoustics in the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion mean that a number of artists have recorded all or part of their live albums at the venue. For concert-goers, the breezes off the nearby Boston Harbor, as well as the proximity of several top-tier restaurants and bars, makes this a destination spot. There’s nothing quite like being able to listen to one’s favorite musical performer while cooling off in the twilight after a beautiful summer’s day. In addition to the numerous nearby eateries, there are also 35 separate concession areas sprinkled along the one acre site, making it easy to purchase any number of snacks or beverages while attending a concert.

However, this venue isn’t just for lovers of music. The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion has also begun hosting trivia nights, especially during the colder winter months, which are a lively and fun way to make the most of a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. Multiple teams of between three to ten people are given rounds of questions. The groups that answer each round correctly amass points. As the game proceeds, the level of difficulty and often obscurity of the questions increases, until only a few teams are close to winning the game. The final question often involves a multi-part question, and therefore allows teams to score different amounts of points depending on how many facets of the questions they answer correctly. In many instances, multiple rounds are needed to definitely declare one time the winner. Many of these game nights will have pre-announced themes to help those who decide to participate study up on a particular area of trivia.

Once the spring and summer begins, the venue transitions back into full concert mode. The booths at the front of the venue frequently sell band-related merchandise, from t-shirts to coffee mugs to key rings to recordings of the performer’s work. These can range from LPs to CDs to MP3s. In some cases, the performer may have a strong visual component that accompanies their music. Paintings, postcards, calendars and other physical items are a popular draw among concert goers.

In terms of public transportation, there are numerous bus routes that pass directly by the concert venue. Additionally, several large parking structures make it easy for out of town visitors to drive directly to the Pavilion and park their car for a reasonable fee. Those journeying from downtown Boston may also take a ferry during the seasonable months, and walk to the venue from the piers.

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