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Apartments in Boston‘s Seaport – Listings Updated Daily

Apartments are available in a variety of sizes and styles in this area. You will find three distinct types of apartments that are available here: condos, luxury apartment buildings, and lofts. Choosing which type of apartment you desire will be based on the amenities you desire and the location of the property.

The Seaport District is a relatively small area in comparison to Boston. This makes it very easy to choose a location for an apartment. Any of the available apartments will be within walking distance of entertainment, eateries, and shops. They are all located within walking distance of the business district, and access to public transportation.


Loft apartments are generally large, open-spaced apartments that incorporate building features, such as brick walls, into the interior design of the apartment. They have open floor plans and high ceilings. Most lofts within this area have large windows that allow residents to enjoy the city skyline or waterfront.

Luxury Apartments

The luxury apartments in the area range in style and size. Most of these apartments are found in newly constructed high-rise buildings and offer all of the latest amenities in the apartments themselves. As an additional benefit these luxury apartments have many community amenities that set the building apart from others in the area.


Condos in the Seaport District are very similar to the luxury apartments found here. The usual distinction between the two is floor plan construction and building amenities. However, because all of these condos are nearly new in comparison to condos found in Boston, it should be noted that many of these amenities are the same as the luxury apartments in the area.

Seaport District apartments, regardless of construction style, are always in high demand. The convenience of being located near to the business district and entertainment portion of the area make them highly coveted. Apartments, when available fill quickly.

Residents can expect to find the following amenities in all of the apartments in the Seaport District:

• Modern or gourmet kitchens with beautiful countertops. Most have spacious cupboards and many have kitchen islands.

• Modern bathrooms that have been spa-inspired for beauty and convenience.

• Spacious floor plans that often have large windows with great views.

• Wired for high speed Internet access and is cable ready.

Of course, each apartment offers man more amenities than just those listed above. In addition to these amenities, many of the luxury apartments, lofts and condos in the Seaport District also offer amenities for their building. These include concierge services, restaurants or shops in the building, and parking. Most of the buildings have Wi-Fi hot spots for residents. Each building will vary.

The apartments in this area are also considered very reasonably priced. Many people that have lived in Boston or nearby Cambridge have chosen to relocate to this are because of the beautiful new apartments that are well priced. The vibrant area that offers so many venues of entertainment, choices of food, and is located near so many employers just enhances the desirability of these apartments.

List of Residential Developments:

Park Lane Seaport

FP3 Lofts

21 Wormwood Street

Dockside Place

Channel Center

315 on A

Pier 4

Seaport Square