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Dockside Place

Dockside Place

Dockside Place is a luxury loft condominium community that is often referred to as the Sleeper Street Lofts. The name derives from the location of the lofts at 15-33leeper Street. Located in the Boston Warf area of the Seaport District, these luxury lofts are the result of several old factory buildings being converted into magnificent lofts.

These turn-of-the-century lofts are outstanding structures built from some of the finest brick in the area. Designers of the lofts incorporated this beautiful brick work into the interior designs of each loft. Lofts have wall areas with exposed brick as well as ceilings that show the original wood beams.

Residents of Dockside Place Lofts will find the following amenities in these luxury lofts:

• Expansive floor plans that are designed as open space interiors so residents can harness their creativity in their interior decorating.

• Large factory windows that allow the sunlight to flood into the lofts and provide wonderful views of the area.

• Lofts either contain beautiful real hardwood flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting. Choice is up to the resident.

• Modern gourmet kitchens that have ample cupboard space and beautiful countertops.

• Kitchens are equipped with new, energy saving appliances.

• Bathrooms are completely tiled and designed with spa features in mind.

• Many lofts have private balconies.

In addition to these many amenities, Dockside Place Lofts provides its residents with the following amenities for all 88 lofts:

• Concierge service for all residents.

• Beautiful entrance areas in both buildings that inspire and awe at the same time.

• Elevators for both buildings. The elevator in the larger building, 33 Sleeper Street, is glass encased.

• A beautiful courtyard and entrance area between the two buildings.

• Resident parking area.

• Greenhouse and atrium in the larger building.

• Environmentally friendly options and choices throughout the building.

The building at 33 Sleeper Street has a glass atrium that raises the entire height of the building. Residents can also enjoy an interior balcony looking down over the atrium. The building at 16 Sleeper Street has a beautiful garden area within their two story lobby. The interior of the common areas are as breathtaking as the lofts.

Living In The Dockside Lofts

The Dockside Lofts are located in the Boston Warf area which makes it accessible to every area within the Seaport District. Residents need only to walk a few minutes and they will find wonderful restaurants, quaint shops, and different venues of entertainment. The lofts are also very close to the business and financial areas in the Seaport District, making commuting to these areas very easy.

Of course, the Waterfront is very close, and those who enjoy this area will be leased to know that it is only a minute or two away from their luxury loft home. Public transportation is easily accessible from the Sleeper Street Lofts, and bicycles are common in this area.

To truly experience luxury loft living, one must experience the Dockside Lofts. With all of the finest amenities contained within the lofts, and the visually appealing common areas, these lofts have helped define what luxury living is like in the Seaport District.