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21 Wormwood Street

21 Wormwood Street

21 Wormwood is a luxury loft condominium community that is also known as Fort Point Place. Most local residents simply refer to it as 21 Wormwood. Created in an abandoned warehouse, the developers of this luxury loft condo community embraced the beautiful brickwork of the building and large wooden support beams and incorporated these features into their luxury design. The building was totally renovated in 2001, and has since been recognized as one of the top luxury loft spots in the Seaport District.

21 Wormwood was originally built in 1895. The brick building retains its exterior charm, but it is the interior that is absolutely breathtaking. There are 122 lofts within the community, each ranging in size of one to three bedrooms. Residents of this community will enjoy these fabulous amenities:

11 Foot ceilings that have large wooden beams incorporated into the décor. These beams have been sandblasted to enhance their beauty.

• Solid wood floors which are glossy and beautiful. These are real wood floors, not wood laminate.

• Some lofts have wall-to-wall carpeting if the resident prefers this to hardwood floors.

• Large industrial windows that allows natural sunlight to flood into the lofts each day.

• Spacious floor plans that allow residents to indulge their creativity with their home décor.

• Modern kitchens with marble countertops and a large amount of cupboard space.

• Kitchens are furnished with energy saving name brand appliances.

As a community, 21 Wormwood offers all of its residents the following amenities:

• Two high speed elevators for resident convenience.

• Beautiful entrance way and lobby for residents to enjoy and socialize in.

• Convenience store located in lobby to assist residents comfort.

• Garage or street parking for all residents.

• Pet friendly community with some restrictions.

• Snow removal and landscaping services.

• Water, sewage, and waste disposal included in price.

In addition to the amenities already listed, the 21 Wormwood Lofts also provide residents with washers and dryers in each loft and beautifully designed spa-inspired bathrooms.

Living At 21 Wormwood

The location of 21 Wormwood places it in the heart of the Seaport District. Close to everything, residents can enjoy the Waterfront, the entertainment district, or the business and financial districts by taking a few steps out of their front door.

21 Wormwood is located near all forms of public transportation and bicycle riding is encouraged in the area. Residents will find that there is an abundance of culture in the area, including a large variety of eateries and shops from around the world.

21 Wormwood was one of the first luxury loft buildings in the Seaport District. They set the standard for creating luxury lofts in the Seaport District, and they have maintained that prestige. This wonderful area is quickly developing. Businesses and residences are taking over the old buildings and revitalizing this area. Many people in the real estate industry believe this district is the hottest properties in the country at this time.

People like luxury living. However, they will do much more than like these lofts, they will love luxury living at 21 Wormwood.