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10 Things to do in Boston Seaport District

9. Enjoy Seaport District Nightlife

What’s the best way to start enjoying the evening hours? For those lucky enough to visit the Seaport District, there are almost an unlimited number of nightlife options. From music to theater to art to fine dining, this area offers its guests a rich cultural tapestry to explore. Even better yet, the spate of new development in the past few years means that it’s very easy to walk from one nightlife spot to another, making it possible to start the evening early and stay out all night.

For those who love dancing, the Seaport District makes it equally easy to shake a tail-feather under pulsing lights or waltz elegantly across a beautifully lit ballroom. Numerous rooftop bars and eateries have a special space reserved for those who enjoy a romantic dance after dinner. Gleaming grand pianos helmed by professional musicians provide an unforgettable soundtrack as the lights of downtown Boston glimmer through the floor to ceiling windows. For those who enjoy a quicker tempo, numerous hot spots are open all night and into the early hours of the morning with a selection of the finest new music as curated by some of the world’s most renowned DJs.

Live comedy and performance arts, including theatrical productions, are also in abundance at the numerous small stages and clubs woven throughout the district. Many of these spaces often offer an accompanying drink or snack menu, although the theatrical productions may encourage patrons to restrict their refreshments to the lobby. The comedy scene often features a pleasing mixture of established talent and exciting newcomers, all of whom deliver laughs at a rapid clip. The theatrical productions can range from timeworn classics to brand new plays, some of which have an interactive audience component. The area is also bursting with artistic talent and exhibitions: it’s easy to spend an evening taking in some of the finest art the city has to offer.

Because of its incredibly scenic locale, many of the area’s nightspots choose to highlight their location by placing a fine dining restaurant and bar right next to a stunning view of the harbor. The array of dining options, from steak to seafood to sushi, makes the Seaport District a destination spot for anyone with a discerning palate and a desire for a memorable meal.

Of course, this area of the city is host to some of the finest live music that can be seen in Boston. From jazz trios to popular singer/songwriters to classically trained musicians, the Seaport District offers an incredibly variety of musical talent as the day gradually turns into night. Many of the newly refurbished buildings and brand new developments in the Seaport District have special performance spaces with exquisitely designed acoustics that gently amplify and refine the sound of each musical performance. The seating is comfortable, the lighting is optimal, and the sound is melodious. For those who love spending an evening taking in a number of different performers, several facilities design their programs to accommodate multiple acts or bands within the course of a single evening in a relatively intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

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