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Visit the Boston Convention Center

10 Things to do in Boston Seaport District

10. Visit the Boston Convention Center

What’s it like to attend a global trade show? For those who have had the pleasure of visiting the 516,000 square feet of the Boston Convention Center while it is occupied by an exhibition, the experience is unforgettable. From entertainment to microbiology to rare, spectacular furniture, the Boston Convention Center is regularly host to some of the most fascinating objects, concepts, and professions in the world. The enormous size of the hall (it’s one of the largest display venues in the Northeastern United States) makes it at least a full day experience for visitors. In fact, visitors should probably set aside multiple days to fully explore the almost incalculable amount of vendors, trades people, enthusiasts, and performers who regularly attend such a gathering.

Depending on the nature of the show, the convention center is organized so that both large-scale vendors and smaller, independent operations are grouped so that each receives a sufficient amount of space to display their equipment, products, or concepts. Some of these shows are limited to members of the particular profession, but many shows have at least some form of public hours or an admission fee that allows visitors to tour the booths and exhibits within the convention center. Many shows often feature several stand-out exhibitions that are designed to inspire conversations and interactivity from the attendees. These exhibitions within the larger show often employ visual effects, custom music, and eye-catching displays that are sometimes made from oversized components.

This is especially true for convention shows that are organized around technology, such as a conference on new products for the upcoming year or an automotive-themed trade show that demonstrates new features and yet-to-be-released car models. Members of the public may be allowed to sit in a hot new car model that is on display, or play with a new phone or other electronic device that has yet to have its official market debut.

Many shows have a lecture component or seminar-like schedule of smaller talks by noted industry professionals that is held within the numerous smaller conference rooms and amphitheaters scattered throughout the center. These talks often are limited to professional attendees only, although in some cases attendance may be broadened to include those members of the public who are willing to pay for a separate ticket to take in the specific talk or lecture.

For those who love food-oriented shows, the Convention Center can become a paradise of tasting booths, cookware, and new cooking techniques as demonstrated by industry professionals. Some of these conventions feature a special section reserved for particular varietals or food blends. Lucky attendees can sample the newest and best products on the market while discussing them with fellow enthusiasts.

For all other shows, the Convention Center offers a variety of meal options within its confines. Its prime location means it is also located near numerous acclaimed Seaport District eateries. Reachable by public transit, the Boston Convention Center offers the world’s most engaging trade and entertainment-oriented shows in an incredibly affordable and accessible format.

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