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Visit the World Trade Center Boston

10 Things to do in Boston Seaport District

4. Visit the World Trade Center Boston

Originally one of the largest commercial pier buildings in the world, Boston’s World Trade Center took on a second life as a newly revamped center of commerce, idea exchange, and scenic marker for the Seaport District. Visitors will enjoy not only the variety of restaurants and bars contained within the World Trade Center and its adjoining hotels, but the opportunity to participate in some of the most exciting conferences, lectures, and performances in the city. With a grand meeting room and numerous smaller, more intimate meeting spaces, the World Trade Center is regularly host to conventions, trade shows, traveling public fairs, and other major events of note.

With its prime location overlooking the harbor, the World Trade Center also boasts unrivaled views of both the Seaport District and the adjacent skyline of Boston itself. This place has become a popular site for weddings, massive holiday dinners, and other festive occasions. It’s not uncommon to see beautifully dressed people hurrying from one festively decorated room to another as some of the world’s foremost experts, thinkers, and business people make their way to their next presentation. This complex is a hub of both enjoyment and innovation, and the reflects the excitement of the Seaport District. With its incredible growth and creative spirit, the Seaport District has quickly become one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city.

Depending on the specific time of year, the expos held at the center can be a source of great excitement and entertainment. Although not all conventions are open to members of the public, many expos do have public showcase hours or allow for ticketed entry. This can range from art fairs to comic book conventions to traveling antique shows to automotive themed events. In some cases, guests make plans far in advance to visit the World Trade Center specifically to see a limited engagement exhibition. The adjoining amphitheater often hosts theatrical plays, special lectures and readings, or performing musicians.

Of course, the World Trade Center is renowned for its incredible variety of both fine dining and more casual eateries. For families and those seeking a pleasant day on the town, the World Trade Center is an excellent place to explore, unwind, and have a satisfying meal. The food choices range from exquisitely prepared steaks and dinner fare to more casual snacks and finger foods. Some of the restaurants have gorgeous full bars at roof level, providing a stunning panorama of the Seaport District alongside some of the finest cocktails and beverages in the city.

The World Trade Center is also an excellent starting point from which to explore the numerous shops, restaurants, and boutiques of the Seaport District. Whether one is hoping to catch a mesmerizing lecture or expo and then pick up a dazzling new outfit, the World Trade Center is the perfect place to start the day. With its world class facilities, easy access to public transit, and trained, professional staff, patrons will find everything they need to have a wonderful, memorable vacation.

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