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Enjoy Delicious Cuisine From All Over the World

10 Things to do in Boston Seaport District

5. Enjoy Delicious Cuisine From All Over the World

Although it began life as a commercial fishing and shipping port, the Seaport District now boasts a veritable international cuisine, with some of the world’s most talented chefs serving up an array of delectable treats. Needless to say, the seafood here is outstanding, from a family friendly lunch course of fish’n’chips at a sidewalk diner to immaculately prepared sushi at a wait-list only restaurant. The freshness of the fish is reflected in every dish, whether that freshly caught mackerel or salmon is being marinated in a honey glaze or lovingly seared with rosemary, garlic, or a variety of other mouth-watering spices.

Of course, this area isn’t just famous for its fish. The profusion of start-up firms and dynamic businesses means that elegant steakhouses have been springing up all over the district. In gorgeously decorated dining rooms full of leather banquettes, glass tabletops, and varnished wood grain bars, the most tender sirloin, T-bone, wagyu beef and tenderloin steaks are cooked to juicy perfection by a team of chefs that have spent their careers carefully learning how to select the best cuts. The accompanying choices of cocktails and liquors compliment the succulent meats. Everything from twenty-year old whiskey to brand new confections dreamed up by the city’s hottest mixologists can accompany the meal, creating a savory blend of rich meat and dazzling drinks.

This same delicious blend of food and drink is also on display in the district’s array of Mexican, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. In addition to the aforementioned sushi, the district also has several izakaya joints, which combine exquisitely prepared noodles with strips of steak, peppers, vegetables, and sumptuous spices and oils to create unforgettable dishes. Traditionally served in a slightly smoky atmosphere with vivid mood lighting, this culinary delight is not one to be missed. Similarly, Mexican cuisine here ranges from the always popular cheese enchiladas and burritos to mole sauces that contain an infusion of Oaxacan flavor. The margaritas can be served with an irresistible ring of salt on the rim of the glass, creating a tasty, refreshing treat. For those seeking dim sum, incredibly delicious dumplings can be enjoyed while gazing across the harbor. Korean barbeque and a host of exceptional Thai cuisine are nestled amongst the cantinas and steakhouses, and offer nutritious and delicious options for those seeking additional food options.

Of course, the Seaport District has a slightly less formal side. For those who want to enjoy a relaxed, casual day next to the harbor, panini sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, and other comfort foods are amply available. The area has been designed to be pedestrian friendly and encourage casual dining at a variety of places. Many plazas are designed with pop-up tables, giant exterior staircases, and other structural amenities that make it easy to purchase a fresh submarine sandwich or kebab from a sidewalk vendor and have a spontaneous picnic among the scenic public spaces. This is especially true during the summer months, when numerous vendors set up shop adjacent to the waterfront. Ice cream and boba drinks are also very popular during the seasonal months, as are a series of special dessert treats and other chocolate-oriented confections.

This blend of high end dining and more informal fare makes the Seaport District perfect for business travelers, families, and couples looking to visit some of the finest culinary hot spots in existence today.

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