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Major Tech Firm Moves to Bustling Seaport’s New “Innovation District”

A brand-new 17 story building in Seaport will soon become the company headquarters of Boston tech firm PTC, which is moving from its original location in the Boston suburb of Needham to become part of the thriving Seaport District. The building, located at 121 Seaport Boulevard, is currently on track to finish construction in 2019 in a region of Seaport that has been dubbed “The Innovation District.” The project boasts 450,000 square feet of so-called “Class A” office space, along with a two story, 50,000 square foot retail podium. The architects behind the building’s design anticipate a LEED platinum certification, which would make the structure one of the most environmentally sustainable new developments in the area. This sustainability is most evident in the signature elliptical design of the principal tower, the curvature of which will redirect solar exposure, thereby providing 15% in overall energy savings.

The building has been designed with its new occupants specifically in mind. PTC, which will occupy the top half of the building alongside Alexion Pharmaceuticals, rose to prominence in the tech sector for its work in the areas of the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality. To reflect the company’s strengths, the project will feature a pedestrian promenade just outside of the building that will boast a “walking museum” of augmented reality specifically focused on the area’s maritime history, transforming a small stretch of Seaport into a virtual interactive experience for all interested passerby. The base directly outside the building will also provide an open, tree-lined space for both employees and visitors to enjoy. All tenants, meanwhile, can enjoy the resplendent rooftop terrace, which provides a sweeping vista of the harbor and the adjacent skyline.

In keeping with its role as the new headquarters for the corporation, parts of the program’s structure will also feature spaces designed to foster a holistic integration of the company’s wide roster of employees, including areas for executive leadership, research and development, finance and legal teams, and customer service. The building is sited in a particularly advantageous civic place; the public MBTA silver line service, which remained in operation during construction of the building, is directly under and adjacent to the new structure. Commuters may opt to park their cars in the provided three level below grade parking garage, which is designed to provide approximately 270 vehicle spaces, or they may enjoy taking the existing public transit system to get to work. Additionally, there are 270 parking spaces designed specifically for bicycles.

PTC’s decision to relocate to Seaport cements the area’s status as a hot sector for real estate development. Since 1985, the company has been located in the greater Boston area, but is now choosing to celebrate its decades of success in Seaport. Numerous other projects, in the residential, commercial, and infrastructural realms, are either currently underway or in the process of receiving official government approval in Seaport.