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Seaport Land for Sale

Seaport Land for Sale

Acquiring vacant land in the Seaport, Boston’s fastest-growing neighborhood, is no easy feat. Like any savvy investor, you realize the potential in buying land in this in-demand area; the question is how to find it. Boston City Properties is the answer. We have access to prime off-market land listings in the Seaport that never appear in the MLS. By connecting with us, you’ll gain that crucial insider’s knowledge and much more. We have knowledgeable agents and brokers who understand the intricacies of land deals in the Seaport District, and we can connect you with one when you’re ready.

Strong Demand for Seaport Land

If you know even a little about Boston commercial real estate, you understand that development has been happening at a frantic pace in the Seaport for some time. The neighborhood offers a compelling mix of Class A and Class B office buildings and life science and lab buildings, and vacancy rates are near rock-bottom most of the time. Currently, NNN rents in the Seaport average $67.04 per square foot for office space and $86.54 for lab space. Even post-COVID, construction activity remains strong. You can’t go wrong by investing in land here – period.

Construction activity has remained steady across the city despite the pandemic, with 5.1 million square feet of office space underway – much of it preleased. Construction costs are down, making it even more lucrative for those who are looking for prime development opportunities. At any given moment, developers are eagerly searching for land listings in the Seaport. By acquiring a prime parcel, you will be well-positioned to make a nice profit before too long. Of course, the problem is finding the land itself. The listings make things look bleak, but the truth is that there are usually plenty of off-market opportunities available.

Buy Land the Right Way

If you’re interested in land for sale in the Seaport, you probably want it for investment purposes. It’s easy to think that land is simpler to buy than physical real estate, but many pitfalls can occur to put any potential profit in jeopardy. Some land looks promising but lacks the easements and other characteristics to make it appealing to developers. Boston City Properties understands the ins and outs of land deals in Boston, and we can help you identify options that meet your requirements. Most importantly, we’ll help you find a property that will help you realize your investment goals.

Access Prime Off-Market Land Listings

These days, most of the land deals that go down in the Seaport District happen without ever appearing on the MLS. Connected real estate agents are often privy to information about land that is about to hit the market. You won’t find these opportunities in the regular listings, but Boston City Properties is here to help. As a leader in Boston commercial real estate, we have connections with key players throughout the city. When you tell us what you need in terms of land, we can direct you toward opportunities you’d never otherwise see.

Find Seaport Land for Sale with Boston City Properties

Acquiring land in the Seaport is a surefire way to enhance your investment portfolio fast. Once you have it, you can market it to developers for all kinds of purposes, from multifamily developments to hotels. Demand for lab and office space should remain high, so there are tons of ways to turn vacant land into profits. With expert advice and assistance from Boston City Properties, you’ll get there more quickly and easily. We’re ready when you are, so contact us today for help with buying land in the Seaport District.