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Plans Released for Proposed Mixed-Use Life Science Development in the Seaport District

Plans Released for Proposed Mixed-Use Life Science Development in the Seaport District

Land currently owned by the Massachusetts Port Authority on the coveted Seaport District waterfront will soon be developed into much-needed lab and R&D space – and much more. In a Letter of Intent filed with the Boston Planning and Development Agency, Lincoln Property Co. outlined its proposal for 701 Congress Street. The site currently includes a parking lot and a pump station on three parcels adjacent to the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park.

Life Science Development in Seaport District

Photo Courtesy of Lincoln Property Co.

In its October 19th LOI, the developer proposes the construction of a 13-story lab and R&D office building, a two-story non-profit job-training center and an elevated walkway linking the two with the surrounding area, including the waterfront. All told, the proposed development would encompass approximately 665,600 square feet of space and include roughly 100 below-ground parking spaces.

The larger building at Seaport Circle, as the project is tentatively being called, will consist of two elements. Seaport Circle East and Seaport Circle West will extend from the basement to the ninth level, and SCW will extend upward to include floors 10 through 13. The ground floor of the building will feature many elements that will be open to the public, including retail space, lobbies and outdoor areas with seating that will come in handy for passengers of the Silver Line Way. That MBTA station will also be enhanced as part of the project.

The project's ground floor will open up to the surrounding area via an Urban Terrace at the center of the development that will link the MBTA station to the waterfront. A second building on the site, The Pavilion, will extend two stories and include around 15,600 square feet of space. This building will function as a non-profit innovation center that the developer envisions as a community hub open to the general public. This component will feature co-working spaces, a café, simulation labs, meeting rooms, office space and training rooms. Its ground floor will connect to Silver Line Way, and its top floor will provide direct access to the Pedestrian Link and, by extension, other key area destinations.

Lincoln Property Co. won the competition to develop the parcel at 701 Congress back in January. The developer has not yet revealed whether it will seek a biotech tenant to occupy the space or complete the project on spec. Stay tuned for more information about Seaport Circle in the months to come.